What’s so amazing?

Magic Man Michael Fisher had been searching through YouTube vids, looking for potential performers for a new band lineup. When his brother’s band plays live, some of the most electric moments are the Heart songs Roger co-wrote. “To do these great songs justice, we needed to find a world-class female vocalist,” says Roger.

Mike had spent many hours in his quest before landing on an amazing voice of power and passion, Kat Perkins, semi-finalist on season six of The Voice. “I was so moved by the the depth of feeling in Kat’s singing, I immediately called Rog, and he agreed this would be an amazing fit!”


Kat says, “I was completely and utterly honored to get the phone call from my icon saying he wanted to make music together. The first time I actually got in the same room as Roger, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am to get to play songs with such an iconic part of music history and my life as a fan! It’s exciting to collaborate with my idol!”

“All the choices on new band personnel have been based on personality, passion, and heart,” says Roger, not one content to ride on the laurels of past conquests. “The new band does Heart material with intent, fervor and immediately recognizable authenticity.”

When Kat and Rog got together at the Historic Everett Theater on March 11 of 2018, “Sparks were flying around the room! There was an unmistakable, undeniable energy that crackled in the air. It was like the magic of the universe was voicing its approval.”

Photo by  Eric Salas

Photo by Eric Salas

After the mutually-explorative performance that day, all present agreed, “This has the makings of something BIG! Let’s do this!”

ROGER FISHER of HEART, with KAT PERKINS is now Alive and Kicking with the magic of music.

“What I found so amazing is the like-mindedness of Kat and I. We both deeply care about our world and people. We are both dedicated to bringing to the stage something transformative, uplifting, and healing. And for us to join forces now, in this polarized world, is like bringing water to the desert.”