The One Vision Project


"In 1972, Ann Wilson, Michael Fisher, Steve Fossen and Roger Fisher created an amazing rock band that went on to achieve international acclaim, touring the world and producing four consecutive multi-platinum albums before Roger and Michael left the group. "

   When my brother, Roger and I left Heart we built a recording studio and started a project of our own. We recorded a ton of great material with many gifted musicians. Eventually our drummer at the time, Mike Derosier and our bassist, Jimmy Cliff were offered positions with Richard Marx who had a big album on the charts. Not long after that our mates from Heart, Mike Derosier and Steve Fossen along with Roger were invited to join a Canadian duo and went off to tour the world as Alias.

   I got busy with my sound company providing services to what seemed like most of the entertainment industry, notably, most of the shows that Nirvana ever did. Time flew by. Roger continued to write and record and we both raised families. Before we knew it, 20 years had passed. 

   After the death of our parents my brother, sister and I got reacquainted on a trip to Europe where Roger was living. Visiting our relatives in Norway, we found ourselves in an idyllic mountain enclave they had created, a heavenly, magically inspiring place in Brøstdalen (Breast Valley).

   Roger reminded me of our project and asked me to help him finish it. I thought about it in depth for a long time, but when Rog played Dear Friend for me, a new song he had written about a woman he had fallen in love with, I recognized a seriously talented songwriter and musician worthy of any support I could give, let alone that he is the best bro one could ever have.  

   I asked Rog to give me a copy of everything he had written. He delivered over a hundred songs created over the last 40 years. In this material I could see the same thread of artistry that helped create many hit songs and iconic guitar riffs that Heart was famous for.

   But more than that I was struck by the artful, poetic lyrics, purposeful intention of the messages and the values they represent. I could see in the writing the life story of an artist being told with great fluency and that his story was a human story shared by many, a story of a generation. It became clear to me that I had been handed the unpublished life's work of an accomplished artist.  

   Roger had developed a grand concept he called the One Vision Project, composed of four volumes or thematic concepts. It occurred to me that we could present the first album, All Told, as an overture to the entire vision, designed to tell a story of the human experience we all share, passing through the stages of life. This would serve as a gateway into the collection of songs and lead the listener ever deeper into the body of work which is composed of hundreds of songs, videos, photographs, artwork and written material.  

   With the help of many from the Kickstarter campaign, the first album of the One Vision Project, All Told, was completed and released on February 14th (Roger's birthday) 2016. You can view the album here.