Rog's 69th Party Flyer March 1&2.png

Here is a little background on our lineup

  •  Burke Thomas, DRUMS

Burke is currently an independent composer/producer, as well as drummer for Duff Mckagan's Loaded and Vendetta Red. He has jammed with Smashing PumpkinsOffspringHeartDownMark Lanegan and Wanz, as well as members of MotorheadPearl JamPerfect CirclePrince's New Power GenerationSadeSugar RayYellowcard, and Third Eye Blind.

A couple audio engineering highlights include Rick Steve's "Ipod Italy Museum tour" and Weezer's "Lullaby for Wayne" and "Jamie" on DGC rarities.

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  • Jim Cliff, BASS & VOCALS

A native of Spokane, Washington, Jim has been in the Seattle Music scene for over 30 years. Jim played in Roger & Michael’s band, 10 Bulls. A veteran with national touring experience, Jim recorded with Richard Marx on several albums and performed with him on three world tours, spanning six years.

  • Marty Hoyle, KEYBOARDS & VOCALS

Marty Hoyle was born in Seattle, WA, where he began playing drums at the age of 7. He then took up playing piano at the age of 15 and soon after studied music theory and was influenced by playing styles of Billy Preston, Nicky Hopkins, and Max Middleton the remainder of his teenage years. He quickly found himself picking up live performance gigs with some of the Pacific Northwest’s best groups and singer/songwriters. In 1998, he started doing session work in Seattle that has developed into his current work, as the keyboardist for Roger Fisher (Heart, Alias). He also performs with Medicine Hat (the band) and others.


Brian Thompson is currently writing and performing with the Born to Fly band, Portland, OR. He has been playing, recording, and entertaining for 35 years, from Nashville to California. Brian says that, “Bringing this harmony based acoustical sound to the world has been the opportunity of a lifetime to shine on the things that I do the best. Writing music, singing, performing and playing my guitar.”

  • Carol Ann Wood, VOCALS & GUITAR

Carol Ann Wood was born into a large family of talented musicians and has been singing and performing since she could talk. Her fondest memories include touring the country performing traditional bluegrass and country shows with her parents and siblings at various festivals, fairs and the yearly Jerry Lewis Telethon. Carol and her sister were finalists on the popular Nashville Network program, You Can Be A Star. Carol also performed at Carnegie Hall as part of the Portland Opera Chorus. She is a versatile artist that can easily sing many genres. Over the years, her interest in music expanded to include performing new wave, pop, rock and roll, blues and gospel groups. Carol plays her father’s beloved 1948 Gibson as she writes, sings lead vocal, and back up harmonies.