Heart Of the Blues Whiskey

Heart Of The Blues Whiskey - The Romance

2000 BC - Distillation is founded in ancient Mesopotamia

100 AD - First written record of distilling

500-1000 AD - Knowledge of distillation spreads through Europe

1000-1200 AD - First distillations of modern whisky occur in Scotland and Ireland

1536-1541 - Production of whiskey shifts to general public

1608 - Oldest distillery in the world - Northern Ireland, Old Bushmills Distillery

1823 - Dr. James Crow develops the “sour mash” process, a current legal requirement for Tennessee bourbon whiskey

1850 - Andrew Usher produces the first blended whiskey

1920-1933 - US federal gov makes exception to Prohibition law: medicinal whiskey sales help Walgreens pharmacies expand from 20 to nearly 400 stores

1964 - America’s Congress declares bourbon whiskey as the country’s official distilled spirit, with specific regulations

2018 - Heart Of The Blues whiskey is perfected at Rose City Distilling, the most awarded distillery in Oregon state

Mike and Roger Fisher, co-founders of rock group Heart, wanted their own whiskey. After trying many different samples to get an idea of the direction they wanted to go, Rose City and the boys discovered a blend that Mike and Rog immediately recognized as “IT.” 100% Rye, 100 proof, aged in oak barrels, this experience is… well, let Roger tell it, “I’ve compared Heart Of The Blues with many, many others. What is special about it is, for a 100-proof liquor, it doesn’t assault the tongue like most others. It is simply more smooth. And the taste!!! It is sweet, with a flavor that simply delights.  And it is light. Not a dark or heavy sensation, it floats like a butterfly on your tongue.”

Named after their 2018 album release, HEART OF THE BLUES, the music was inspired by time spent in the Mississippi Delta, home of the foundation of jazz, blues, rock, and all subsequent related styles of music. 

The art of music is like the art of distillation: go to any length to produce the best, most fulfilling and inspiring work.

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