September 22, 2018
Linda’s Lair, Monroe, Washington State
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Words are one of humanity’s most powerful tools. The way you choose them, use them, say and sing them, define how you are perceived by people. Musical instruments are one of humanity’s most powerful tools. It is amazing to travel the world speaking to all people in a “tongue” everybody knows! When one combines words with music, and present it in a way that is unique unto them, they have found a signature presence that is original and undeniable.

Enter: YOU.

One of the best ways of learning an art is to copy the Masters. The bar is set so high it seems impossible to ever be on that level. So you begin trying. Little by little, inch by inch, it doesn’t take long to see progress. Small victories become fuel on the fire which, if one can sustain focus and enthusiasm, becomes a blaze. When a striving person catches fire, knowing that they can achieve the seeming impossible, a crystallization process begins where the Universe provides the roads to that artist’s heart’s desires. “The world is at your command,” like John Lennon said.

But how does one go about creating a unique direction in their art? The answer is very simple.

I remember hearing that the crux of British musicians that were making it big in the ’60’s were hugely influenced by American music, especially the blues. They held the early blues artists in the highest esteem, recognizing the indelible niche they had created, having evolved deeply felt music out of the pain of their existence, which, for a large part, was slavery and the heritage of a murderous, cruel past. While holding those people high in my respect, I chose to, instead of copying and being directly influenced by... pretending that I had gone through the same painful experience, and what would that feel like? How would I play music with that kind of horrendous past? And so evolved my personal style, one that required a very deep feeling, be it joy, anger, pain, or love.

Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page.png

The Great Triumvirate: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Wow! When one looks at what they did with blues, it is recognized they took the foundation of a deeply felt song and created a version ingeniously imbued with art, the British sense of taste and humor, and dedicatedly-won technical skill. There is a thread of continuity of Spirit that runs from ancient Africa, through to the hands of these three, and many other players. That magical thread is what gives one goosebumps... that incredible feeling of both familiarity and empathy with something ineffable.

It’s a beautiful thing when one tells the significant other: “I’m going in my practice room now, don’t expect to see me for a few hours.” They shun their TV; phone; pets; exercise regimen; nap time, everything that could preclude them from taking the inspiration they’ve derived from an artist who once did the same, and evolve themselves artistically. Every artist, athlete, and otherwise accomplished person you’ve heard of have done this. Self-evolution can certainly be counted as a "raison d'être."

And no matter who you are, how old you are, what your health is, or how impoverished, it’s never too late to begin. The goal doesn’t need to include money, fame or power, it can simply be: “I want to prove to myself, I CAN DO THIS!” And the “THIS” can be something as simple as meditation. So you hold that vision. Your thoughts always steer to your direction. You gain an inch every day. There will be times you simply forget, and get caught up in the trials and busy-ness of life. But you remember and come back. Slowly, steadily, little-by-little, bit-by-bit. What a wonderful, fulfilling feeling...VICTORY!

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But how does one go about creating a unique direction in their art? The answer is very simple. I chose to take a different direction than the Great Triumvirate. I chose something that was borne from my own feelings. I took “The Road Less Traveled.”

Try this: in practice, find things you’ve never heard before, especially sounds that are challenging. When you land on something, perfect it. Let it become a mantra that you repeat until it is permanently affixed in your playing. Find another and do the same. Keep this up awhile and you’ll find yourself not sounding like anyone else. There you have YOUR SIGNATURE.

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June 8, 2018
Linda’s Lair, Monroe, Washington State

I wanted to write a song for a group bro Mike and I are producing - BORN TO FLY, a very good band that features Carol Ann Wood on lead vocals. Brian the guitarist also sings well, and the two of them trading storylines in a song appealed to my imagination.

 Rog sitting in with BORN TO FLY

Rog sitting in with BORN TO FLY

So, that ancient question: “How do you write a song?”

Like Budgeron, Richard Bach’s ferret writer said, “Don’t think; don’t care; have fun.”

Instead of thinking and agonizing over achieving perfection, what if you “empty the glass” and watch, with a quiet mind what fills it up? What if you have a general - definitely not specific - idea of what you want, and then, with faith that it will be there, wait.

 Before hot tubbing, Rog always takes a dip in the pond...

Before hot tubbing, Rog always takes a dip in the pond...

I pictured her face and the sound of her voice. I pictured her bubbly personality, and how she would respond to the first verse of the song. I pictured Brian singing an almost country song that spoke of misunderstanding and mutually-agreed harmony.

My favorite place to stretch the bod and meditate is the hot tub. So I’m lying back, looking at the trees, hearing the pink noise of the waterfall,* and boom! Happy! There’s the song title. And the words easily flowed:

© 2018 Words and music by Roger Fisher Singin’ String Publishing, ASCAP


You shoulda seen the look on my face

       male voice

As you walked out the door you slammed
My best intentions down with your

Misconception that I could have done more
What more can I do

Than visualize you


Happy healthy wise and wealthy

Happy healthy wealthy and wise

female voice

If only you could read my mind

As I walked out the door
You’d know I always try
To be helpful with your
Most unlikely ambitions
Need I say more
Yes I’ll give you your space
And hope that you’re


Happy healthy wise and wealthy

Happy healthy wealthy and wise

     female voice

Do you treasure the time that you have to give

      male voice

Do you live to work or work to live

    female voice

Have you forgotten the person you truly are

   wow moment Solo

In your quest for success and becoming a star

    to each other

If only we could be our best influence

Time after time

Maybe we’d see improvement
In melody and rhyme
And maybe our vision would greatly improve
If we focused on harmony rhythm and groove


Happy healthy wise and wealthy

Happy healthy wealthy and wise

After the words were written, it seemed to address certain people in my life - perfectly. I hadn’t intended that... funny how this stuff works. Kind of takes us back to the idea that in addition to intellectualizing, maybe we should be visualizing.

An interesting author who borrows my eyes from time to time speaks about holding on to the vision of what you want manifested in your life. Mike Dooley suggests that, rather than envisioning owning a "1950 Ford flathead eight”, one might have better fortune by envisioning a “sweet old car I can fall in love with.” And if you are concerned about HOW you’re going to get it, FUGEDABOUDIT.

Wondering how is not visualization. That’s similar to, when you’re meditating, if you try not to think, that’s not meditation.

If you’re trying to figure out how to write a song, good luck! “The answer my
friend, is blowing in the wind.”

When I was in third grade, I felt a big “crush” for Gwen Schmitt, so I prayed that we could be sitting next to each other. She was older, and the chances for us sitting together were slim. Guess what? She flunked that grade and the next year, there she was, sitting next to me! By that time I was no longer interested.

Funny how this stuff works.

 Sister Kay, Brother Mike, & Rog

Sister Kay, Brother Mike, & Rog

When we were the age to be in Little League baseball, I had a healthy imagination. Part of our house was an exposed solid concrete wall with an area of grass in front. I would spend hours there, throwing the ball against the wall, imagining whole ballgames - every pitch, every strike every ball, every hit, every out until the game was over. Of course I was the up-and-coming best hitter, best fielder, you can see where this is going. I WAS THE HERO! And so it was in other tangents of visualization. I needed to be the hero. So when the Beatles came along there it was... I wanted to be a musical hero like they were for me. I wanted to thrill people to the depth of their souls, wanted to write songs that moved millions. So bro Mike and I lived and breathed music. Slowly, bit-by-bit, we manifested various levels of success, climbing a mountain of belief with joy in the effort that eventually worked. Probably would have been a good idea to not envision all those lovely women.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, yeah... if you are obsessed with the possibility that you may get in a severe car crash, that preoccupation will eventually, probably manifest just that. And if you’re a child that lives the dream of being a big star someday, it seems the chances of that happening are greatly improved. Why?

Have you ever been around someone who seems to know everything? Gets old real fast.

Maybe this universe of time and space is more malleable than we realize. Maybe there are so many alternative parallel universes that whatever we wish for CAN BE - just a matter of being tenacious - maybe believing is seeing.

But instead of asking why or how, one should ask what gets in the way of effective visualization. Compare: person A has a focused vision of driving their favorite car; they live in the house of their dreams, eating the finest foods, drinking the finest wine, attracting a beautiful mate. Person B has a mind (and probably mouth) that runs rampant, with little control over it. Person A will probably eventually live the life they imagine, while person B constantly plays catch-up, struggling to get everything done, struggling to be happy, struggling with chaos.

It seems the key relies on something similar to what I described in a previous blog, well worth reading: BASH.

If you think about it, it seems everything that exists, every invention, every innovation on any scale was first imagined, or if not, happy accidents led to the evolution of an idea or experiment.

You puzzle over how to solve a specific dilemma. You wonder and wish. Within an hour, day, week... whatever, the solution pops into your mind. “THAT’S IT!” The answer is clear when it happens, same with the best lyric or melody or odd chord added to the progression. It pops in. In other words, you are not in control here. It all comes from somewhere that nobody can name. The fact that some people are more productive conduits than others is because those people empty the glass and ask that this vision be fulfilled. And they don’t let up. Day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade, whatever it takes. Tenacious visualization is powerful.

When this song comes out and you hear the chorus, you’ll likely not be able to get it out of your head, which is a good thing because “HAPPY HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE is one of the best phrases I can imagine that you ever visualize...funny how this stuff works.




* The difference between white and pink noise is this: pink noise is random, like ocean waves crashing, or waterfalls. White noise is manmade, all frequencies between 20 and 20K Hz at the same intensity. This is used in scientific studies; recording studio calibration, etc.


©2018 Singin String Publishing, ASCAP

March 19, 2018
Linda’s Lair, Monroe, Washington State

Isn’t it instinctual in every human? We need to feel loved. When we do, we’re happier, that’s for sure. And when we don’t, there is disease... that is, things aren’t right. Nothing feels completely good because there is unfinished business in that, “Something’s gotta change so I can feel some compassion from somewhere!” So you see people do all kinds of wacky things to try get attention. You see people put on airs to try to impress. People will do all kinds of crazy things in their mission to win likes and approval. Some even try to impress with their musical instrument, which isn’t musical, is it? If you were a high school student, constantly bullied, harassed, and obviously disliked, could you see yourself, deeply depressed and feeling no will to live, take a gun to school?

But let’s take this down to a personal level. What can I do right now, within myself to ensure that I’m likely to be liked? Isn’t this an important topic for anyone spending time in the public eye?

People love to see happiness; self confidence; success; deliberateness; authority; grace. No matter the physical attributes, these qualities result in ATTRACTION. People love to be inspired. People need to be reminded that there are great people in the world, those who not only radiate goodwill, but prove that they care enough about something that they work their butts off to achieve so they can inspire and uplift.


Let’s say you’re a... hmm, could be anything, this can apply to anybody. Let’s say you’re a guitarist, kind of new at the craft (or old - doesn’t matter). You have a few issues: 1. How can you exude confidence if you’re depressed? 2. You’re not comfortable performing live. 3. You’re not exactly sure how to act in public. You wish there was one way of being that always works in every situation. 4. You often feel inadequate, I mean really... those other musicians are really THAT GOOD?! 5. You’ve met other famous people who clearly are 100% confident, but you resent their seeming arrogance.

Those issues speak from my past, and here’s what I do to try to present the best face to the world:


If you feel depressed, have low self-esteem, or are generally unenthused about life, don’t you need to figure out why? A few culprits I’ve found injurious are: Self indulgence. If I party too much, I’m deeply fatigued. No one can feel empowered when they’re deeply fatigued. How many “mornings after” have you spent realizing this day will have to be a write-off, I’m useless? Yeah, me too. I try to pace myself and stay in control. For a public figure, I’ve painfully found out this is vitally important. I don’t want to lose any more friends.

Photo by Michaela Fisher

Thinking too much. If you have a lot of time on your hands, or are in some ways self-absorbed, you can compare yourself to others and make yourself miserable. Solution? GET TO WORK! Think about how you can help someone, maybe someone who feels just like you. You have a disability and feel badly about it. One of mine is the fact that my brain doesn’t work like other people’s. My memory is wacked, and it has come back to haunt many times by people who have felt “taken” because I didn’t remember this or that, or when I see a person I sincerely like, but they have to remind me of their name for the 11th time, or forgetting guitar parts or lyrics.

The good thing about “beginner’s mind,” which is what I call my mental deficiency, is I can make up stuff on the spot, and often do at shows. 

Take a look at this video from Blue Frog Studios in White Rock, British Columbia. This is all off-the-cuff.

WHAT IS GREATNESS? These are some ways I choose to define the word:

A great person
1. can always access a peaceful place inside.
2. is not selfish.
3. aspires to the highest good and sustains that aspiration.
4. handles all situations with grace.
5. works hard in a direction that benefits others.
6. doesn’t carry feelings of negativity toward others.
7. is natural, unassuming, and kind.
8. sees the greatness in every single person and encourages that.
9. chooses to de-escalate rather than escalate anger in sensitive scenarios.
10. is open-minded and constantly learning, especially from those who despise
or are jealous.
11. is honest.
12. is tolerant, patient, and forgiving.

Do you need improvement in any of these areas? Yep, so do I.


Photo by Michaela Fisher

Exercise is the bottom line for good health and feeling good. And it doesn’t need to be an arduous, painful workout. Simply 10,000 steps a day can work for making you be more comfortable in your skin. Add the following to the mix, and live performance becomes more natural: Feel that there is a thread pulling straight up from the top center of your head. That should cause your head to tilt forward slightly. This will help give you good vertical posture. Tuck your butt forward slightly. Be conscious of your diaphragm and remember often to use it for deeper breathing. Often remember to hold your sternum spread, especially if you’re working hard, using lots of air. These specific efforts require a small amount of muscle exertion, but only a very small amount. The rest of the body is completely limp. Practice BASH as often as you can remember to. [This meditative practice was suggested in an earlier blog entitled, BASH] With these practice points, you can be standing anywhere, in line for groceries; admiring a sunset; in front of 10,000 people, and you will feel good! Why?

Because you are in a constant space in the practice of GRACE. Isn’t Life a big dance? Moving with the rhythm solves everything and is the key to how you carry yourself.




They are the reason you work so hard. They are the reason you get paid for performing, writing, and recording. They are a viable means of helping improve our global situation. Sure, after a gig it can be very challenging when dealing with so many wacky people. It’s important to remember you’re wacky too, and just make it work for everyone involved. When you genuinely love and care about people, you have your “one way of being that always works in every situation.” And when you’re standing on stage in front of 10,000 people, your nerves are calmed by the adoration you have for your audience.


There is no better Roger Fisher on the planet than me. There will never be another me. I’m the greatest! Of course I can’t play guitar like Tommy Emmanuel, but then Tommy doesn’t write songs like me, nor does he create whole albums with a contiguous storyline that... blah, blah, blah.

Roger with daughters and grandson

You get the point. Most of us have these little mental demons that tell us we’re not good enough; not pretty enough; not well-mannered enough; not accepted. None of that can matter. Why? Because, on our mission, WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS! No matter how hard it is, what diversity and mental sabotage we’re subjected to, or how long it takes. This is what we’re doing with our life, and the small words of some onlooker - even though it may be a dear friend or significant-other, is NOT going to dissuade us. We are committed. The demons will fly away like butterflies once we make that decision. If not, then we better choose a different path.


You are one of over 7,000,000,000 people on this spinning globe. You stand and perform in front of 10,000 applauding people, six nights a week on your tour. You constantly receive complimentary messages from people who hold you in the highest esteem. You are courted, hit on, sales people and charitable orgs bombard you with requests, you are WANTED! Of course, you can’t help but feel special, but you are one of 7 billion... how special can you possibly be? When a humble person meets an arrogant asshole, the humble person sees through the veil. There is always some feeling of inadequacy or self-doubt triggering the arrogance. The arrogant person is actually weak - something they want no one to know, so they puff up even bigger and the swagger of their walk increases to the point where they become the punch line in other’s jokes. I remind myself: I’m one human. Every single one of us is special.


So if you want to be comfortable, confident, a beacon of light and inspiration for all around you, and a person any kind of audience will have fun with, choose how you carry yourself.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you


©2018 Singin String Publishing, ASCAP

February 22, 2018
Linda’s Lair, Monroe, Washington State

[Note to student]

Today’s lesson, per your request, is a refresher in social skills.

To put this in perspective, let’s look at your and my history. It began, I’m guessing, in 2010 when we friended each other on Facebook. You told me you had followed me for many years, loved my guitar playing, and you were a fan of many others too, and you dropped a few names of major people you had been in touch with. We had a perfectly fine relationship via Facebook for quite some time, I always recognized your wit and sarcasm, and appreciated your quirkiness. Then, maybe six months in to our correspondence, you began to doubt if it was really me you were communicating with. The Heart camp had blocked you, and others had blocked you as well, and now you were turning negative on me. I tried and tried to convince you I was really me, unsuccessfully. Then, I stopped replying to you because it made no sense if you didn’t believe what I was saying to you. Then you, in a fit of deprecating comments, UNFRIENDED me.

Months passed. I saw a message from you, apologizing, “Would you please friend me again?” So I did, immediately. Our mutual chatter carried on for maybe another year and then you began to doubt if it was really me again, got negative, and in a fit of deprecating comments UNFRIENDED me again. This whole process repeated a third time. Some months after that, you were begging me to friend you again. I said, “Why would I choose to be unfriended a fourth time?!?” And there was a peaceful silence between us for nearly a year. Now we have begun talking again and I friended you again. We spoke on the phone the other day for the first time. You talked about yourself and talked about yourself and talked about yourself. You’re a cancer-survivor; you have very little money; you’re in need of guitar instruction. You acted like I owed it to you to give you something - me having “a blessed life,” me the rich rock star who never works and always is partying or swimming with my koi, me who you wish could get cancer so I would know what it’s like.

So here’s the lesson buddy. Why am I taking the time to address you at all? Most people would block you and enjoy the peaceful silence. I’m not throwing you under the bus because you don’t fit the description of my ideal pen pal. I’m not giving up on you because you’ve unfriended me three times. I SEE GREATNESS IN YOU, pal. I’m replying to you to prove that there are people in this world who sincerely care about you and people like you - people who are challenged socially. That’s the first lesson... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for all. It doesn’t matter what a person has done or hasn’t done; it doesn’t matter what crime an individual has committed. We either care for and nurture life or we don’t, and if we don’t, then we are part of the disease. Look at Norway’s justice and reform system. They rehabilitate law-breakers and get them back in to society as positive participants.

Second lesson... it’s not all about you. You and I, assuming we see ourselves as musicians, are servants. We serve the public, providing entertainment, enlightenment, encouragement, and direction to an audience that really needs our service.

Assignment: You probably already have, but read Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. He adeptly describes winning ways to interact between people. One of his points goes something like this: Listen to the person you’re talking to. Really listen and respond with whatever supports that subject. Then listen more. The more you listen, the more they’ll enjoy talking to you because people love to talk about themselves. When you sit and listen to someone talk self-centered, it can become old real fast and you just want to turn it off and get away. Don’t you be the one doing that.

So lesson two requires HONESTY. You have to be able to look at yourself and monitor your own activity, with honesty. You can’t allow yourself to be in denial. If you’re in denial, I’m going to be unfriended a fourth time, and I don’t want that!

Lesson three is RESPECT. Show respect for people by not hounding them with messages. Last night, while I was trying to watch the Olympics, I received 39 messages and photos/videos from you. I appreciate the fact that we’re friends who enjoy communicating with each other (and that’s true) but you must realize that I communicate with a LOT of people. I don’t allow my time to be allocated to anything that gets in the way of my family, friends, or career. The time I spend talking with you should be appreciated, should be respected. Last night, and many times previous, I haven’t felt respected by you. It seems that it’s all about YOU. The best thing you can do to improve your communication with others is show them that you are considerate of their space, and show them respect. Ask yourself why you’ve been blocked by so many people. Don’t be in denial. Be honest. Instigate the change.

If you are serious about being a musician, learn how to communicate using your most important instrument: YOU.


Now you tell me... was this a good first lesson?