Q&A - "Mysterious Magic Man"

Hey Roger:
Why is it nearly impossible to find out anything current about your brother Michael Fisher, the ex-boyfriend of Ann Wilson of Heart on the internet?

RF: Simple. He's the Magic Man.

I've always been a big fan of your work; you have amazing talent and your experience is just the icing man.

RF: Thanks for your kind words, Dave. There are thousands of incredibly talented people who never get famous.

But I've got a question for you that's been buggin me for years... 
Seriously, I don't know, except that is exactly the way he wants it, at least up to now.

RF: Some Heart fans and followers have an inkling of the importance of the role Mike Fisher played in our lineup, hence your question. Until Mike chooses to come out and talk about the "ol' days," no one will really know. Fortunately for all of us, Mike is about to do just that, in the form of a dual-autobiography entitled, BROS. I decided to put all the work being done on my autobiography into something that is synergistically more interesting and profound.

Not only is his career after leaving Heart a mystery, but there's an absence of even a photo of him... Did someone blackball him, or maliciously have all information about him removed?
Rog and MikeKingCat.jpg

RF: Ah, the enigma. Mike co-produces our new album, All Told. It is a great album and can give one an idea of Mike's greatness and value in anything he chooses to become involved with. Thing is, he has never been attracted to fame. He loves to see those around him earn the glory and be featured. He enjoys pulling the strings from his veiled refuge.

This is very odd man, especially since he was apparently talented and liked enough to remain a permanent fixture of Heart's band throughout the 70's. There has to be more to this story, you know?

RF: There is so much more, and what an incredible story! I am proud and honored to be his brother, and I'll gladly state, as many who know him, there is a very good reason he's called the Magic Man.