Q&A - "Relationship With Nancy Wilson"

Rog, I have a question for you concerning your relationship with Nancy Wilson while in the group heart did you ever feel, as Nancy has said that she just caved in to you or do you think she actually loved you, I know that you felt you loved her. Was it more of a convenience relationship? -Thresa B.

RF: Thanks for your question, Thresa.

There are many possibilities as to why she would make a statement like the one you referred to in your question.

I choose to believe that she loved me in a way, and continues to, but because of our inability to harmonize personally at the time, she knew we couldn’t be together. And I still hold very strong feelings for her that can never be diminished, no matter what. There are some things that are irreversible and permanent. I also have a special fondness for all the members of the original band. We went through an amazing evolution together and conquered a coveted prize, won by the collective consciousness of fantasy, belief, and determination.

The love we feel in previous relationships should be invulnerable to time and circumstance, otherwise, was it ever truly love?