Q&A - Song Writing Now vs. the 70s

The music you create now with your brother Michael vs the music you created in the past together, it’s a significant style change but I’ve noticed the earthy vibe is still the same. Was there an evolution, either personally or professionally that caused this shift into a more outward holistic version of yourselves or was this really what you wanted to produce all along? Thank you. -Cole G.

RF: Thanks, Cole.

You’re only referring to music that’s been released, which is the tip of a large iceberg.

We have hundreds of unreleased songs which span several genres, mixing styles and experimentation.

The “earthy vibe” you mention is the result of who and what Mike and I are: two guys who love the woods, mountains, ocean, and Nature in general. I think our deep caring for this place we all call home comes through in everything we do.

Our last album, ALL TOLD, reflects the styles we were working with at the time, and consequently the artists we chose to work with, which resulted in an eclectic-but-focused world perspective which reeks of originality.

I’m excited to see what everyone thinks of the new album, HEART OF THE BLUES!