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October 19, 2017

Recording Studio - Linda’s Lair, Monroe, Washington State

The struggle of any learning creature, whether it’s a fawn learning how to stand; a baby learning to talk; a young pianist, pawing at their craft; or a guitarist inching their way toward the ability to sing and play a song, is an evolutionary process akin to the dripping of minerals to form a stalagmite. From nothing comes - albeit slowly - something. And it doesn’t come without work. It’s not easy to learn how to walk. It’s not easy to be able to stand on a stage and command an audience... that is, until after you’ve learned how to. And it’s funny, because we can think about doing something, and it seems so very difficult, but then once we’ve conquered, it’s always, “Gee, that wasn’t so hard after all!”

So we keep climbing the staircase. Some people believe that if we do
nothing to improve, learn, or evolve in this lifetime, we just live it again and again until we realize there is a staircase to climb; a fight to be fought; a game to win. And some people believe that everything we’re doing here is mirrored in another dimension, another reality... implying that what we do in this life is REALLY IMPORTANT!
Still others like the idea that there is no reason - that nothing matters - that life is but a dream, so we can do whatever we want.  Simply be a silent observer in all situations and that’s enough.

Isn’t that the beauty of Life! Who can say they really know what’s going on? And isn’t that part of the problem? According to scientists, every one of us has all the knowledge in the universe in every cell in our body. And maybe we all sense that. We all, deep down inside feel like WE know the truth. And maybe we’re right. So we dig in and hold our ground; defend our opinion; become entrenched on one side but not the other. We become divided and have to defend our position. So there are these mental wars going on between people all the time, maybe not visible in any way to others. BUT... what if we all were way smarter than we know? What if we knew each other’s thoughts and feelings, but didn’t know we knew? That would explain “having a feeling about someone,” or “feeling someone’s vibe.”

I remember coming home one day, seeing a few guys standing in front of my recording studio. The instant my eyes landed on one of these guys, I was filled with repulsion and warning. Wow! I was freaked out by this person within one second of just seeing him from a distance! And it proved to be absolutely correct, this guy was a weirdo... really a weirdo.

Photo by Michaela Fisher

I guess it’s up to the individual... what do you want from Life? Pleasure, comfort, party and - repeat? That probably won’t work :-) Money, fame, big car, big house, trophy wife? That probably won’t work :-) Seems to me what works is BALANCE: the right amount of good food to give the right amount of energy to be applied to the right amount of work to provide the right amount of comfort, work, pleasure, and play. And I spend my time trying to live that balance without adhering to a routine. And of course, I fail, eventually, and have to learn from whatever that was that made me fail. And what is the goal? What is the ultimate goal in Life? The pursuit of happiness is one, for sure. The commitment of service to others is a good one. The ascension on the staircase is good, it keeps us striving, which is what Life is all about, right? But there is another goal we don’t get taught. It’s not a popular conversation. In fact, it’s unbelievable.

I think it was about 1969. Bro Mike and I were in our parent’s living room,
hanging out with good friends. Just sitting around talking, I noticed my
stomach growling. It increased with intensity, and after awhile, I heard my
friend’s stomach growling, too. Then a strange thing happened. I realized I
couldn’t tell if it were hers or my stomach growling. It felt like there was one thing between us making all the noise. Then, suddenly, I knew what she
was thinking and feeling! And I knew she knew what I was thinking and
feeling! We both knew we were in each other’s bodies and minds! This
went on for about an hour. We went for a drive and, at one point in the trip,
she and I both, out of the blue, suddenly burst into tears. We’d both seen
something in her friend’s future that made us very sad... we knew he was
going to die prematurely. And years later, that proved to be true.

Anyway, I never saw her again, but have never forgotten that incredible
experience, knowing that humanity has some serious evolving to do. That
is one of the stairs on the staircase. And the funny thing is, there are people
you know who have secret abilities they’re not sharing. I think one would be
wise to think positive good thoughts about people as much as possible, and
always wish each other well, even if you don’t like them.

Life is such a wonderful mystery, a big playground to explore, a wonderful
place to be lost, and it seems most of us are, really.

The staircase.

Little by little.