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August 25, 2017

On I-5 South, To Vancouver, Washington State

What’s important? What truly matters?

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Sleep
  4. Exercise
  5. Communication

Wait, hold it right there. Why would communication be so high on my list? Because humans can’t make it alone. We need to warn each other about this, tip each other off about the benefits of that. We need to be able to be at peace with our mates, our children, our relatives, our neighbors, and our friends. Less communication, less peace; less peace, less happiness; less happiness, less will to survive.

From stage to audience, communication is all you’ve got. Your instrument; your voice; your body language; your eye contact; and the big one: WHAT YOU HOLD IN YOUR MIND.

When I played with the rock group Heart, I would always try to make sure everyone was entertained and having fun. Occasionally, I’d see some bummed out sourpuss, and keep coming back to that person, trying to elicit a smile. In all those years of playing, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get at least a subtle hint of something positive coming back. Positivity is always a choice, albeit a challenge when faced with natural disaster; accident; severe depression, etc.

And then there’s the concept that humans are the highest form of intelligence on the planet. Wow! Are beetles or frogs or rats or dogs endangering all life on earth? 

Have you ever communicated with your dog or cat or horse without using words? Like many others, I have and do on a daily basis. There is ample scientific proof that plants and animals are aware of and respond to human thoughts. I’m positive that there is a level of communication going on all the time between plants, animals, insects, and fish that we people are not privy to because we haven’t attained that level of intelligence yet. I believe we have an important step to take in our personal evolution, and that it will happen fairly quickly and be seen by many as a miracle… an almost unbelievable occurrence.

What the world needs is a common foe, to make it necessary for us to come together, work together, in a civil way, to be able to survive. It seems to be more clear than ever that the time is now. We have a common foe when you look at the synergism of global rising tides; displaced people (from rising ocean levels, war, drought and famine); pandemic; earthquakes; varying states of war; and disease. Like Tyrion Lannister says, “We’re fucked!”

I don’t believe that. I believe in the best qualities of humanity, those that become visible when faced with disaster… we help each other!

What we hold in our minds is amazingly powerful. If we envision the future we desire, we greatly increase the likelihood of that happening. I always loved that bumper sticker, “Visualize whirled peas!”

Bottom line, we’re all evolving at different rates, and we all need each other’s COMMUNICATION. Let’s FORGIVE, FORGE AHEAD, and FORM FRIENDS!