Q&A - "Do you ever get tired of people bringing up Heart stuff instead of focusing on your new music?"

I've know people who get tired of folks asking them about "The Old Days". In this case Heart. Do you ever get tired of people bringing up Heart stuff instead of focusing on your new music? There IS, after all, new music, and it's good stuff. Just something I've wondered about.  -Scott B.

RF: No, I don’t tire of attention being brought to the band Heart, in any context. I realize that it was a big deal, and there is a lot of mystery surrounding “The Old Days.” It’s comedically evident how little people know of the truth behind Heart when reading comments on YouTube vids, and comments on Facebook. People have all kinds of strange ideas about what did and didn’t happen I suppose that’s true for any entity in the spotlight.


As for the new music… man, it’s a tough game to play these days, especially if you’re a rotting old codger. The fact that bro Mike and myself believe we have any chance of success in this day and age is somewhat laughable, but it is that belief that keeps us living and breathing this craft. Whether or not people love it and jump on the bandwagon to make it a “success” is kind of irrelevant, because we’re going to do it whether we’re “successful” or not.

I mean, define success. My definition is: get up in the morning with fresh ideas about how to make today’s projects and assignments be innovative, original, and fun. Work with my best friend in life. Challenge him. Be challenged by him. Come home, and be with my girlfriend in a happy relationship. Success!

And one day we’ll get to go play live, tour the world. But to get to that point, we live and breath our craft. And if someone likes it, that would be nice ;-)