Q&A - "If you could sit down and share a cup of tea with and talk guitars, whom would it be...?"

If you could sit down and share a cup of tea with and talk guitars, whom would it be and what question would you ask? -Darren S.


RF: Darren, I like this question because it brings up a point that many will disagree with: the whole guitar thing; gear thing, to me, is a distraction. I’m aware of what a wonderland it is for most musicians, but for me, it’s a rabbit hole that goes on indefinitely and eventually loops. Getting incredibly detailed, striving for perfection in tone and aesthetics is fine, but micromanagement can be a kind of addiction. 

I love the philosophy of, “pick up whatever instrument, put it through whatever amplification, and make it sound good.” If you can do that, you certainly have talent!

What is your bottom line for making music? Money; fame; power; sex? Mine is simply the joy of practicing; writing; recording; live performance; and reaching into the mailbox to pull that royalty check out. It’s about the JOY. When I found myself chasing my tail year after, hunting the elusive TONE APEX, I realized it can never truly be found. I decided to focus on the stuff that the guitar and amps produce: MUSIC.

So, who would I like to sit down and talk music with? Paul McCartney. I think we could write something amazing together, and I hope that happens someday, which brings up another point; why believe that something like that will never happen. By believing that it could, you’re opening doors that otherwise would be closed. You’re preparing yourself for something that would be challenging, and in doing so, are raising yourself in a special way.

I know… I’m an oddball. But, because of my silly beliefs and desires, I’m very active in the music industry, and very alive working to keep myself in a position to be able to stand on a stage and kick some ass ;-) 

Oh, and I’d ask him to write an anthem with me :-)