Q&A - "Magic Man Tuning"

I hope I'm not bothering you. I talked to you once before. I was a big fan of the old Heart. It's so easy to hear how the music lost it's power and edge after you left and you put on a great live show. I've seen you in Knoxville I guess only once-the Dog and Butterfly tour, I've seen Heart several more times. It wasn't the same. Anyway, I was reading that you and Mike have a CD coming out. I was wondering what type of music is it? Is it the good heavy rock or is it something different? Also if you don't mind on Magic Man didn't I read along time ago that you used a different tuning on the E and B string? just curious-It's that lick you do when one note is going flat and the other going sharp. Thanks.
-Jack F.

RF: The new album is a new genre: World Rock. Gotta hear it to know what it is.

Thanks for the kind words, Jack. E tunes up to G; B tunes up to D.