Human Tribe Tea

In 2014, Bradley Dobos saw a picture of Roger on Facebook holding a large jar of tea. Inquiring about it, he reestablished a friendship that had begun in the late 1960’s, when Roger began frequenting Tenzing Momo and Company, an herb store Bradley had created in the Pike Place Market.

Back then, their bond had been instant, Bradley recognizing a kindred spirit with a fascination of chemistry and how specific herbs and plants could be used to one’s benefit.

Human Tribe Tea

Fast forward to November of 2015. “I’ve been enjoying this tea an average of five days a week since November, in large quantity, just to know what it would do to me. I’ve been amazed to see my suspicions realized, as I’d hoped the gotu kola and other brain-friendly elements would make a difference in my mental perception. They made a BIG difference!”

The name comes from Roger and brother Michael’s company, Human Tribe LLC, an entity dedicated to the mission of bringing light and love to the planet through multimedia art.

Human Tribe Tea

Below is a list of the ingredients in HUMAN TRIBE TEA. Each ingredient is healthful in a specific way. An accomplished herbalist, Bradley Dobos and Roger Fisher adjusted the proportions to create a blend with great synergy.

1. Dong Quai
2. Siberian Ginseng
3. Panax Ginseng
4. Noto Ginseng
5. Milk Thistle Seed
6. Star Anise
7. Yerba Mate
8. Ginger Root
9. Peppermint
10. Damiana
11. Licorice Root
12. Fennel Seed
13. Turmeric Rhizome
14. Chamomile Flower
15. Cardamom Seed
16. Ginkgo
17. Gotu Kola
18. Horny Goat Weed
19. Chrysanthemum Flower
20. Albizzia Flower
21. Rosebud
22. Cinnamon
23. Rosemary
24. Lavender
25. Yohimbe Bark
26. Astragalus Root
27. Cured Fo-Ti Root
28. Muira Puama Bark
29. Pau D’ Arco Bark
30. Goji Berries
31. Parsley



Is Human Tribe Tea a loose-leaf tea?

Human Tribe Tea is packaged in 25 special, carefully designed biodegradable bags or 3 ozs of loose leaf per package.

What is the best way to store tea?

Store the tea in an air-tight container (such as the bag it came in), away from direct sunlight.

Does Human Tribe Tea have an expiration date?

Yes, we strongly recommend you drink it before you expire. Seriously, herbs gradually lose their potency over time. There is no specific expiration date.

Human Tribe Tea

How many servings are in one order of Human Tribe Tea?

Serving amount depends on how strong you like it. To Rog’s taste, there would be 25 servings per bag - as there are 25 bags per large bag.

Is there caffeine in Human Tribe Tea?

Very little. Yerba mate, one of the ingredients, has some caffeine. There are other stimulants: ginseng; Fo-ti root; yohimbe, and more.

Is it okay to consume the tea before bed?

Rog has found the tea to be stabilizing, as opposed to stimulating, as it has properties of both calming and stimulation. Depending on the individual, it shouldn’t represent a deterrent to sleep.

I am pregnant. Can I drink this tea?

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before consuming Human Tribe tea. 

Is it safe for children to consume?

Rog says, “To the best of my knowledge, Human Tribe Tea is not only safe for children, but very beneficial to their health.”

How many cups a day do you drink of this tea?

Rog drinks three to five cups a day.