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September 22, 2017
Recording Studio - Linda’s Lair, Monroe, Washington State

This morning I received an email from a person seeking words to send to the media in many parts of the world. See below:

Media Request:
The questions below I hope you could make time and share personal inspiration.  The few words will have an amazing impact on many.
(Answer one or all below.)
1- What words do you live by that have helped you become the person you wanted to be?
2- What inspired you to keep moving forward during any dark period?
3- Was there fear to overcome during pursuit of your dream?
What words could you offer to help those feeling the same way?

My response:
Things in the world are clearly coming to a head. A person I know who was in the path of Hurricane Irma told me that what she sees all around her saddens her deeply. I told her, “Yes, absolutely! But everything that is happening needs to happen exactly as it is. Humanity needs a wake up call. We all need to “get” that we need each other in order to survive. Each of us - our attitudes, behaviors, relationships to one another - are a microcosm of humanity.” That’s why questions like those above are being asked. A lot of people need answers right now.

Question 1: The words I live by that have most profoundly influenced my life are from my father, Hanford Fisher: “NEVER SAY CAN’T.” So simple. Three words. Empowering. Challenging. Inspiring!

Question 2: Aren’t the dark periods we all face in Life our tests, our challenges? Aren’t each and every one of them an opportunity to shine? To show everyone around us that we can persevere, rise, and conquer? How can you say dark times and adversity are bad? Because people suffer, mourn, and die... of course, but this is Life. This is the game we all chose to play.

The manifest destiny of our sun is to burn up. In other words, EVERYTHING GOES! So our tiny lives on earth for a brief 80-something years is really no big deal, right? Hell no! While I’m alive and breathing, this is a very big deal! I don’t want pain and suffering, I don’t want to die young. So what can I do to help the world situation? One person out of seven billion seems powerless and insignificant. Not true. If each of these single people decide to make a positive difference and influence others to do the same, pretty soon we have a powerful force. We can influence our leaders. WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. But it needs to start somewhere... maybe with a question :-)

Question 3: Fear is the enemy that must be embraced. When you face your enemy, approach, and get as close as possible, your enemy becomes less powerful, just as in martial arts. When you show your enemy compassion and understanding, you show your vulnerability, you may seem weak. We don’t conquer our enemy with negative force, that’s a never-ending battle. We conquer fear by the realization that it really doesn’t exist. “What does that mean, that makes no sense!” One might say. Then look at this: When one meditates (which we all do everyday, for brief periods - anytime we concentrate and focus on one thing), all thoughts gradually leave the mind. That means that Aunt Dorothy’s affair with a Navy Seal isn’t foremost in your thoughts. It means there is no thinking about the global threat of Super Malaria, or where the next big earthquake is going to occur, or whether or not you’ll slip up at your next public speaking engagement. When you are focused on one thing, there is no doubt, there is no fear. In that moment, fear does not exist. Fear does not exist without you creating and escalating it in your head. All you have to do is improve your ability to embrace NOTHING. It is the most beautiful, wonderful, peaceful feeling! Let everything flow out of your mind. When that happens, you can HEAR! You can SEE! You can FEEL! Meditation is the most powerful tool you will ever use, in my humble opinion. Fear does not exist. There is no doubt.

So what is the solution? THE SOLUTION IS YOU.